Monday, November 2, 2009

Where and why is this ok?

I found an interesting article recently on Just a fantastic website for someone of my conservative leanings. Basically, the writer asks where in the Constitution the Democrats find that allows them to pass a Bill for Public Health Care. In the words of Boondock Saints .... no where. Pelosi, when asked this question, responded to the reporter with, "Are you kidding me?" The very thought was so completely out of her mind that she didn't know how to respond. You know, Madam Speaker. That one document that strictly lays out what Congress can and cannot do. Anyway, the following article is the one I'm talking about.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dear President Obama,

Welcome to the idealistic crossroads. It's a place many liberal AND conservatives find themselves once they have won the battle of ideas, and gotten elected. Sometimes, those things that seemed to morally repugnant to you while campaigning ... does not seem so bad. Take the most recent speech of the president's. Peel back the layers of ideological babble, and find ... nothing has changed. The Bay is still open, and you still have no where to store it's prisoners. It must have been such a disappointment when Congress rejected your idea of closing Gitmo and transferring the prisoners of war ... err ... men stuck there to American soil. You find that when it comes time to act, liberal principles quickly find themselves lacking. I know that it is much easier for me to sit here on my laptop and theorize X and Y, and pontificate about how I believe conservatism is the answer to our problems. The truth of the matter is, Mr. President, is that you know as much as I that sometimes we must do things that we find repugnant in order to protect the common good. I am not advocating this as the first response ... indeed, anyone who quickly steps in that directly should be seen for the monster that they are. But sometimes, when a principled people are confronted by men so thoroughly motivated by hate that all reason has deserted them, a more direct response is called for. I agree that torture is monstrous, and has no place in US policy. But sitting someone in a cell, while being tortuous, is far and above what they would do in opposite circumstances.

Truly, Mr. President, we are men of action. Lies do not become us. I understand that you must demean ex-President Bush for his actions in order to explain yours, and sometimes rightfully so ... but in this case I feel you should own your own actions. You now see why Gitmo was, and still is, an important instrument in our fight against al Qaeda. This talk of closing an effective strategy only emboldens our enemies. The only places that will take the men there are countries that we know cannot handle, willfully or otherwise, the men taken under their care.

**a rough draft, but given that his speech was today, I feel I should try and get it out ASAP. I will return to try and proofread later**

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

More on Swine Flu

Let's look at the numbers, according to ABC News. LA County had 3 confirmed cases, with a population of 9.8 million (all pop. numbers are according to the CA website and are based off the 2007 Census). Ventura County have 4 probable cases, non confirmed, with a pop. of 798, 000. Riverside County have 2 confirmed cases, with a pop. of 2 million. San Bernardino County has 1 confirmed case, with a pop. of 2 million. That's 6 confirmed cases within a population of 14 million people. I don't even know how to compute that percentage. Why is there such a noise being made about this? The next segment, tied in with the swine flu story, complained about the mass of people who are storming hospitals with "flu-like" symptoms. Really? You think? Well, color me surprised. /scarcasm off.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Obama Web thickens

SO Crysler went belly up recently. This should surprise no one. Of course, no one probably even noticed, due to this "Swine Flu Pandemic". What a joke. I turned on CNN the other day, and the talking heads there were trying on masks. Are you kidding me? Less then 200 people have gotten sick from this "pandemic", and the only person to die was a Mexican baby who had come up North to try and get better medical attention. Out of the 304 million something people in the US, we have 150 odd people sick from something, and it's an emergency? I mentioned my minor outrage to a friend, and he told me that he'd rather it was an overreaction then an under reaction. That's fair, but it's going to be like the boy who cried wolf.

**Edit** At this point I was offered a delicious Sunday morning breakfast cinnamon roll. If there's a slight disruption of logical flow, I apologize, and blame the roll. **edit**

If the government, and the media, react this way to a non crisis, what's going to happen when something really dangerous happens? Are we going to become accustomed to this chronic over-reaction, and just assume it's the same non exciting event? Paranoids of the world have no place to be in my government, or my media for that matter. But to be fair, it stopped being my media quite a long time ago, and "my" government suffers from the same malady.

I was talking to a client of mine who is a nurse, and has been for quite some time, about what would happen if the government took over health care. She was adamantly against it. She knew someone in Canada, which has government sponsored health care, that had to wait 6 weeks for cancer treatment. F*ck that. Free crappy health care < expensive good care.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Commen Sense Conservatism

So I'm sitting with my gf, her dad, the sister, and the sister's bf eating dinner out and about in RSM here in Sunny Southern California. Somehow, in advisably, the dinner talk got around to politics. The topic was brought up by the gf's sister (i think), despite the warning flash from my gf's eyes (Amanda knows how I get excited about this stuff). The gf's sister (we'll call her Emily) was asking something about politics, and we got started talking about how Amanda's dad and myself share a similar view on politics. I mentioned that I describe my political biews as "commen sense conservatism." Emily and/or Amanda kinda snorted, as if to say that conservatism isn't commen sense. I defended myself, but thought that it would make an excellent posting here. So here we go.

Commen sense Conservatism (CSC for short):

1. You can't spend your way out of a recession, so don't try. When people are having to tighten their belts, the government should too.

2. When tough economic times hit, cut taxes. It's a sure fire way to allow business to flourish. (ty Reagan!)

3. All life is precious (Pro-life)

4. Consequently, the best way to make sure that people don't murder is to enforce the death penalty.

5. When pirates/terrorists threaten you, your family, or your citizens, you respond with extreme force. To not respond with force emboldens your enemy, and invites attacks in the future.

Those are a few short things that I could come up with just sitting here. I'm sure there are more, and I'll post them as I see / remember them.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter, Bobbyt Jindal

Bobby Jindall has a twitter!

Dear heart, stop thy fluttering!

Yes, I have a political man crush on Jindall. Any further questions about why can be seen a few posts below.